• The goal of WTKA is to promote and develop Martial Arts and Combat Sport activities all over the world: Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu (Chinese & Vietnamite), Taekwondo and all the other Korean Styles, Ju Jitsu, MMA, Submission Wrestling & All Styles.
  • WTKA International may recognizes One or more Director per Country. It depend by the Country and by the Style (Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo etc.)
  • WTKA recognizes as Natioanl Directors the President of a National Federation or the President of a National group of clubs (Association of Clubs).
  • The Royalty (annual fee) is requires to represent WTKA in the Country.
  • A WTKA Member may be affiliated also to another World Body. WTKA recognizes full autonomy about the chosen of his Members. WTKA Federation is Freedom.
  • WTKA Council Meeting will take place every year and will be free of charge, offered by WTKA Federation. All
  • WTKA Directors and Members may attend the WTKA Council.
  • Every WTKA Member without any kind of discrimination has the possibility to give his contribute and support
  • to the WTKA Competition Rules and Federation Rules during the annual WTKA Council Meeting.
  • Every WTKA Country Member may organize WTKA National and International Events (competitions, seminars, etc.).
  • In order to organize WTKA International Events s necessary to send the Official Request to the WTKA Head Office and to obtain the Federal approval.
  • WTKA World Championships will take place every year.
  • Every country has right to bring 2 recognized Internaitonal Referees to the World Championships and International Events to guarantee the democratic system of Judgement.
  • The WTKA Country Responsible has the duty to attend the World Championships with a Team in the specialty which represents: Kickboxing, Karate or All Styles.
  • Every WTKA Country Responsible has promote WTKA Federation in every reasonable form: Paper Articles,
    Internet, National Tournaments Organization using WTKA Logo, Organizing seminar inviting the others WTKA Country Responsible, Organizing Black Belt Examination event, Organizing every other event under the respect of WTKA Regulations, under the respect of National and International laws, and under the respect of the eventual other Country Style Responsible present in his Country.
  • Every WTKA Country Responsible or Member has to publish in his Website the WTKA Logo with the link to WTKA International site in the front page.
  • Every WTKA Country Director and Member may send to WTKA Head Office by e-mail all information about his own activities in order to be published on WTKA Official website in the front page and in Events Section.