WTKA is a worldwide kick boxing sport association, present in over 120 countries. Born 9 years ago, becomed one of the biggest and important in the world of combat sports.

The WTKA intent is to promote and analyze all aspects related to the practice of kick boxing and its culture not only from the point of view of the sport but also from the fake oakleys philosophical, cultural, spiritual and salutariness.

A real opportunity to promote the culture of friendship through cheap nfl jerseys a sport that is enjoying a huge success among young people around the world, and in countries otherwise difficult to reach. A real opportunity for thousands of young people to play sports, know each other better and share universal values, such as friendship, loyalty and respect that sport in general, and martial arts in particular, can promote.

WTKA main activity is to promote the sport of kick boxing. To reach this result we organize varius events.

The first and most important event is the World Championships, now at the nineth edition.

It’s the world biggest event for combat sports for dimensions and for number of athletes , over 6000 coming from 93 countries.

Competitions but also international seminars, stages and performances with the most important masters of the various styles of martial arts, that involve thousands of people, in a spirit of respect and friendships.

The World Day of Martial arts is another event WTKA organize in the World in open air for all people.

The International day of Kick boxing, an event that WTKA organize, with the help of various masters, for free in the parks of the main cities that helps to create a culture of the outdoor sport activity and that even values the green areas of our cities, promoting a lifestyle that contribute to give to men a deep respect for Nature.

And again we promote international and european tournaments in many places in the world, like England, Switzerland, South Africa, Hungary, Spain,Argentina ,Messico ect ect thanks to the national branch of each country we have

We organize also cultural event like the Orient Festival, often together with the World Championships, a great event that is now at the fifth edition and one of the biggest in all the world with 60.000 spectatores.

An event dedicated to the Orient world and all its aspects and cultures.

It’s a way to promote the meeting between Orient and Occident through the martial arts culture: developing sport values and wellness disciplines like Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and the philosophies and traditions of an endless continent, the searching for peace, wellness and beauty.

Ceremonies, shows, Folklore, Conferences and all the aspects that makes Orient so charming, to the research of the integration of culture, peace and friendships.

Our events are a concrete example of the possibility of meeting and collaboration oakley outlet of various institutions, organizations, associations with which we work proactively and with a view to 360 degrees: ITALIAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE – SPORTS PROMOTION ORGANISATIONS – PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS – SPORTS ASSOCIATION – CULTURAL ASSOCIATIONS – VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS (including Emergency, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Wwf etc..).

Besides we collaborate with schools and superintendency of education.

Every years we promote many diferents seminars on muscular dystrophy, seminars with the Red Cross, seminars with sports psychologist.

Seminars and Conferences about health & wellness like:

– The power of the body in martial arts, between modern science of Cheap Jerseys mind and the ancient secrets Wholesale China Jerseys of vital energy

– The best techniques for a perfect health of body and mind

– The “Chi” in martial arts.

– Mental training for martial arts and ring sports

Seminars and lessons on respect for Nature, energy savings, bio a way of life.

In all previous editions we have obtained the following patronages:

Award of the Italian President of the Republic.

Patronage of various Embassies and Consulates, like Thailandia, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Pilippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, Suth Korea , Tibet, Nepal, Japan .

The World Championship involves more than 6,000 athletes from approximately 93 countries on five continents like Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Wales, Georgia, Germany, Jamaica, Greece, Kosovo, England, Iran, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Uzbekistan, etc..


For 2014 we have also intention to realize:

– The adoption of 100 children to grant them the sport activity, thanks to the international collaboration with the Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus association.

– Sport activities in prison facilities and juvenile recoveries.

– Donation of sport stuff to children and juniors in the world to help them in sports activities.

– intensify as much as possible the World Day of Martial Arts that we organize in the parks to promote kick boxing and the culture for health and friendship through sport.


WTKA is a young World association but it’s growing more each year, thanks to an open minded way of work, searching collaborations in all ways and without imposing limits to its members and affiliates. We believe in friendship and in freedom, quiere in loyaltiy and respect…like a big real family.


Best Regards

Michele Panfietti